"Tradición de un pueblo"

Coffee Tour

Things taste better when you know their origins, experiences enrich the soul and sharpen senses, revealing nuances previously invisible. For this reason, it is a pleasure to share our traditions with you, we will guide you so that you can experience by yourself the processes involved in planting and harvesting a variety of artisan coffees, learn from the traditions shared by the antioquian arrieros and try our best tastings.

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Our Coffee

We have special coffees types Honey and Cherry , processed with cultivation techniques friendly with the environment, since we handle natural processes, without the use of chemicals, pesticides or fungicides.

Coffee Cherry

Our Cherry coffee is dried with the pulp of the coffee crust, the almond absorbs all the sweetness of the mucilago resulting in exquisite fruity and vinous notes in its flavor.

Cherry price

Half pound: $40.000.00 COP

Pound: $70.000.00 COP

5 pounds package: $330.000.00 COP

Honey Coffee

Our Honey coffee is dried with its honey, in these processes the almond absorbs this honey and the antioxidants of mucilage, resulting in a pleasant sweetness and softness in its flavor.

Honey price

Half pound: $30.000.00 COP

Pound: $50.000.00 COP

5 pounds package: $230.000.00 COP

About Us

Our little coffee farm is located in the township of San Sebastián de Palmitas Medellin, where with effort and dedication, it has been able to adapt to the cultivation and process of Coffee of great quality and flavor, making our visitors have a very good coffee experience.

During the tour you will understand the effort and dedication necessary to get to our table a cup of the best coffee in the world and in this process you will enrich yourself with new experiences that will bring new nuances to your palate.